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Working with Prism has been a great experience.

Having the opportunity to introduce Prism in the new markets of Latin America and the process involved has been a very challenging journey which included the entire process to find the right customer, introduce Prism, our products and business models , until we finalize and close the deal and then chanellising the products.

I am very grateful for the support extended by Shibu and the confidence that he has shown in me. I hope to continue contributing to the growth and development of the organisation specially in the Latin American Markets.

My vision is to make Prism a big and recognised name in Latin America.

Although the challenges are very big and we have a long way to go, i am sure the hard work and patience will make me achieve it.

Shibu has made me feel a integral part of this company right from the very beginning , despite of the fact that I am miles away from the office.I feel really connected with the Head office people as the values which are followed by each one there is exactly the one which are inculcated in me when i started my journey in the company.

I appreciate Shibu for the thought process , values and passion that he has instilled in the organisation which reflects from the fact that people here work for themselves, to achieve their dreams and life goals and get recognised for the work they do in the industry.

Prism has some amazing bunch of energetic, passionate individuals who work in sync to achieve their objectives both professionally and personally.

Thank you very much for this time and for many more years to come.