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Usha Shah has been spearheading our mission to educate a million under privileged kids in India by the year 2020. This is her personal perspective:

"When I was a banker, the pay was good but everything else was bad. When I started my career, I expected to make the world a better place by putting my knowledge of banking to good use. A good ten years later, I realised that I was nowhere near my objective of making a contribution to the society and instead I was facing severe health issues and living in a state of perpetual anxiety. This unpredicability combined with the sheer number of hours involved was taking a toll. The only saving grace was my working with underprivileged kids during my spare time.
It was during this time that PRISM approached me with their intention of wanting to contribute to the society. Akshara foundation was born & I quit my job as banker & became the founder CEO.
It's been seven years now and it has been the most satisfactory journey so far. We set our first school- The Trivandrum Scottish School in the state of Kerala & have been able to educate more than 1000 kids in this seven years. I am happy to be associated with PRISM in their endeavour of educating a million kids by the year 2020 and I thank the medical fraternity for prescribing a future to the homeless children and helping us provide quality education free of cost. "

Best Regards,
Usha Shah,
CEO Akshara Foundation.