Corporate philosophy


"Powered with innovation, Prism endeavors to provide the medical profession with the latest drugs, conforming to international standards. And at the forefront is a conscience that aims at bringing healthy living within the reach of all."


"Scaling up to the boundless sky of opportunities, Prism envisions blending scientific temperament with unparalleled creativity, professional orientation and ethical values. And from the dynamics that put this vision into momentum, Prism aspires to raise an infrastructure which will facilitate the invention of new chemical entities, and collaborate with the world for partnerships in progress."


"The ultimate reaction to superiority, innovation and leadership is acceptance." Such strategies of adding innovations to inventions have made Prism Life Sciences the leader in its category.

Ethics First

At the forefront of all its activities is Ethics. The company firmly believes, supports and practices ethical values. This is perhaps the inborn, evolutionary trait of the company, which has brought it to become the trusted name in the industry. And the outcome of this trait is what the world sees - consistent quality, unchallenged reliability, impeccable offerings. Ethical practice in manufacturing, distribution and pricing, defines the unimpeachable character of the company.

Corporate Conduct

Corporate Governance

"The Governance in Prism believes in anti-corruption and is accountable, effective and efficient, participatory, transparent, responsive, consensus-oriented and equitable.The decision- making process of the governance of Prism includes ensuring financial viability of the business. Operations are conducted with utmost financial discipline. The management follows up to ensure that trust in employees is reciprocated with fairness in all dealings."

Audit System

"Prism has an established system of audit with the aim of ensuring quality and transparency of the management. The transparency of the management is improved by utilizing Human Resource from and outside the company. We consider that the objectivity and impartiality of the company is one of the key factors of the company."

Risk Management

In accordance with any risk which Prism may face in the course of global & domestic business development, we are in the process of adopting an approach whereby the responsible personnel of relevant department controls such risk according to the domains involved as well as prevent or minimize them depending on degree and nature of risk. Prism ensures compliance via implementation of periodic internal audit and a program ‘Self Assessment Control’ (SAC), which clarifies the role and responsibility of each departmental head.


Since Prism is in the business of producing and selling pharmaceutical products that are important to human health, we understand that people pay close attention to our activities. To preserve the highest trust of the customers, we conduct our business in accordance with the applicable laws and high standards.